Samples from a Photo Album dating c.1907-1910s, somehow associated with J.E. North Lumber in Bond, Mississippi. Places ranging from New Orleans to California. (Part 1)

Album Description: Fantastic Large Photo Album assembled between 1907 to 1910s. Over 600 photos of a family that traveled. I am assuming the man who took these photos was somehow involved with the J.E. North Lumber Company in Bond Mississippi. These folks had money to travel and they took advantage of this. Fantastic photos of the J.E North Lumber operations including the workers living quarters. Lots of travel in the United States as I took a wide variety of scans. I wish I could have taken more because there are many great photos. Notice the Crest Theatre photos, the kids are smoking cigarettes, Also the Venice California Amusement Park Album is large measuring approx. 15 x 11. Most all of the pages are loose and the paper is chipping but both front and back covers are present.